Corporate Values


People are diverse, unique, and individual.

We stand for an appreciative and conscious interaction with all people, regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual identity, culture, health/illness, familial situation, or economic status.

Respectful and appreciative treatment of every person is a cornerstone in the corporate culture of CLS Labeling Support eK.

Anti-Corruption and Zero Tolerance Declaration

CLS Labeling Support eK stands for a high degree of integrity and pursues a zero tolerance policy towards bribery, corruptibility and accepting and granting of benefits. Bribery or corruption will not be tolerated.

Any actual, assumed, or suspected activity that could constitute an act of bribery or corruption will be examined, prosecuted and, if deemed appropriate, reported to authorities.

We reserve the right, in the event of a violation of anti-corruption laws and guidelines (national and international), to terminate the cooperation with business partners by suspending and terminating the contract and to take appropriate disciplinary measures with employees including termination.

This statement reflects our stance and determination to counter bribery and corruption.