Proofreading in the European Pharma Industry: Challenges and Misconceptions

No other industry in the world is more regulated than the pharma industry and with good reason. For the people responsible for getting pharmaceuticals on the shelves, this means ensuring that all information produced in the packaging process – inserts, labels, cartons, etc. must be 100% error free.

How can you Achieve this Level of Accuracy?

Learn with Schlafender Hase and the main presenter Kirsten Ott how you can eliminate the risk of errors, misprints, and product recalls and perfect your pharma proofreading process.

Important Topics:

  • What proofreading means to the pharmaceutical industry
  • How to avoid common mistakes in the manuscript that can lead to recalls
  • Effective ways to avoid errors during the proofreading process
  • Ensuring consistency and quality throughout the proofreading workflow


Kirsten Ott

Watch the Webinar

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